CBC Broadcast Centre - Toronto, Ontario

One of the most modern and advanced broadcasting facilities in the world, this 160,000 square metre building with a 12,000 square metre floor plate contains leading-edge comprehensive radio and television technology.

The building, which cost approximately $310,000,000 has a unique structural feature in that it is acoustically and vibrationally isolated. There are approximately 150 noise-sensitive studios accommodated, with each studio acting as a room-within-a-room, completely isolated from the building structure.

The foundations are supported on natural rubber pads bearing on shale (an excellent transmitter) to effectively reduce vibrations.

The structural frame has a reinforced concrete flat slab with a 9.5 m x 9.5 m grid throughout, except at one section of the building housing radio, TV, newsroom, and production studios. In this area, pre-stressed beams were used to achieve 19 m clear spans. The main building structure is separated from the ground by rubber pads.

All forces due to gravity, wind, and earthquake are transferred through the pads. The building as a whole and studio spaces within it float on the pads, and the service cores and elevators are isolated from the main structure.