Quinn Dressel Associates has a succession of credits:

In design: firsts in the use of design methods in use in Canada, ultimate strength design in reinforced concrete, limit state design in reinforced concrete, limit state design in structural steel.

In materials: the introduction of 8000 psi fly (55 MPa) ash concrete in Canada on the Royal Bank Plaza, 10,000 psi (70 MPa) silica fume concrete on Scotia Plaza, and 12,000 psi (85 MPa) high performance concrete for Simcoe Place and Ontario Hydro, in Toronto and the Ernst Young Tower in Calgary.

In structures: the first all concrete structural frame, both for a building over 40 storeys and also as a solution for major bank buildings in downtown Toronto; at 54 storeys, Petro - Canada Centre in Calgary, was the highest central core building with a single band of outriggers; and Scotia Plaza is the first concrete tube in concrete tube with composite floors.

In the testing field: the proof loading of HSS steel tube connections for the atrium space frame at the Royal Bank Plaza, to simplify the then standard connection and significantly reduce the cost; the development of holdback arrangements on the basis of a rock slot testing procedure, on Scotia Plaza; and the development of the air bag test and flexure tests for thin granite panels.